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MyPay is leveraging its existing technology and partnerships to enhance existing deployments in South East Asia, the UK, Continental Europe and the Middle East to capture the enormous potential growth in mobile payments, mobile financial services and international remittances.

MyPay has connections with licensed remittance companies in the US, the UAE, Saudi Arabia and India, whereby the Group will establish technologically advanced and socially-integrated mobile payment operations to capture remittances from these countries into South East Asia.

What we do

Mobile Payments

Enables international Peer to Peer transfers and remittance of funds. Funds can be requested, sent and received across numerous international corridors at competitive rates with instant settlement.

Request-to-Pay (RTP)

Enables secure third-party payment and social transactions for online merchants and payment gateways.

Micro Finance

Provides consumers with access to micro loans and credit services which are distributed, managed and redeemed via the MyPay mobile application and international agent network.

Mobile Financial Services

Provides consumers with access to multiple payment solutions. Air time top-up, bill payments and charity contributions are all enabled via the MyPay mobile application through secure and seamless real-time integrations.


Focusing on the Three Major Remittance Corridors to South East Asia

The MyPay Team


Mark Carter


Mark Carter brings significant expertise in delivering strategic and innovative mobile, wallet and remittance solutions to global markets by utilising his wealth of experience in sales, marketing, operations and product development.

He has extensive fintech experience and was part of the sales team who took Skrill, a global online wallet, payment provider and money transfer operator, through two acquisitions in two years, resulting in a USD 1 billion sale in August 2015. In addition, Mark has worked with key financial institutions such as Visa to develop and launch new ecommerce and mobile payment solutions in international markets.

Mark has worked in the USA, Europe, Singapore and the Philippines.


Jagdish Chanrai


Jagdish is a Principal and management board member of the Kewalram Chanrai Group, founded in 1860, a multi-billion dollar Family Group. The Group is well known for its community work and in particular for its contributions to the healthcare and education fields for the underprivileged.  

 In addition, Jagdish has private interests in several companies, largely in technology, and holds a number of directorships.

Jagdish has a MSc in International Accounting and Finance from LSE, a MSc in Management Studies from Brunel University, and a BA (Hons) in Social Sciences from the University of Westminster. He is also Member of the Malaysian chapter of Vistage International, the largest CEO organization in the world. 

The Mondato Financial Innovation Award Asia

What is the Mondato Financial Innovation Award about?

Over one hundred participants attended the Mondato Summit Asia, sharing their knowledge of digital financial services. The award is given annually, to the most innovative company.

The time for mobile commerce is now

MyPay pitched against Wing (Cambodia) & Swapschain (Thailand). MyPay displayed that transferring money or payments can be as easy as sending a message via Viber or Facebook.

Key success factors for judges to award MyPay

MyPay’s business model is the most advanced utilizing a platform that can integrate with other financial services providers.