MyPay Appoints New CEO

22 May 2017

Singapore, 9 May 2017 – MyPay Limited (“MyPay”) announced the appointment of Mark Carter as its new Chief Executive Officer.

“Mark’s track record in building brands and creating value in the mobile, wallet and payments industries makes him an ideal choice,” said Nicolas Nguyen, Chairman of MyPay. “We look forward to Mark providing fresh insights to our technology and business strategy while strengthening operations.”

Mark Carter brings significant expertise in delivering strategic and innovative mobile, wallet and remittance solutions to global markets by utilising his wealth of experience in sales, marketing, operations and product development.

He has extensive fintech experience and was part of the sales team who took Skrill, a global online wallet, payment provider and money transfer operator, through two acquisitions in two years, resulting in a USD 1 billion sale in August 2015. In addition, Mark has worked with key financial institutions such as Visa to develop and launch new ecommerce and mobile payment solutions in international markets.

“I am excited to start in my new role at MyPay. I am focused on accelerating the innovation of payment technology and the opportunity that lies ahead for MyPay,” commented Mark. “I have worked in this space for over 10 years and am confident in the widespread success and adoption of the MyPay payment platform.”

Mark has worked in the USA, Europe, Singapore and the Philippines.

About MyPay

MyPay provides mobile based payments, remittances and financial solutions to global markets. MyPay also enables consumers without a feasible payment method or funds, to make online purchases through its third party social payment solution and for businesses to request payments from customers via social networks and messaging platforms. For more information about MyPay email info@mypaynetwork.com or visit www.mypaynetwork.com.